Our objective is to consult non-profits in raising funds and gaining support through creative fundraising.

Our services include:

  • Creating strategic plans

Through personalized one-on-one consulting, we assist organizations in creating strategic plans to help reach their fundraising goal.

  • Major gift consulting

We assist in devising major gift donation programs for an organization.  Furthermore, we enhance plans through personalized strategizing sessions as well as acquiring prospective prospects and creating relations.

  • Planned gift consulting

We also create plan-giving programs in providing plan giving solutions to existing donors.

  • Board selection and advising

We assist organizations select productive boards with diverse backgrounds, experiences, education, and creative visions whose missions are to make fundraising aspirations a reality.


Additional services:

  • Advising donors

We work with philanthropists on creative ways of giving to organizations that are meaningful to them as a donor and beneficial to the cause of their liking.